Website’s first birthday!

By | 26th August 2018

It’s almost the first birthday of Community Spirit CIC’s website & I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a few things about the site, how it was made, how it’s changed over the last year, & its visitors.

Just a stock image & sadly not our real cake.

The Hardware

I initially set out to build the site as cheaply as possible. Originally the hardware running the site was a cheap credit card sized computer (designed & built in the UK) called a Raspberry Pi 2, which was soon replaced by a Pi 3, & finally a faster Pi 3 B+. This has run in our spare room in Stanley for almost a year now, but the website will hopefully be moving into the cloud at some point within the next week to make it faster & more resilient. I’ll apologise in advance for any problems that might spring up during the migration. If you’re reading this after the 2nd of September, then it’s probably a sign that it all went well.

At the time of the photograph, the Raspberry Pi on the left was still hosting the Community Spirit CIC Website.

The Software

The software running the website is called WordPress. WordPress is free to run from your own computer, & they even offer a free basic website hosted with themselves. If you’re interested in creating a website or a blog, then check them out. Apparently 31% of sites on the Internet run on WordPress, so there’s loads of help around (YouTube is favourite of mine), along with a load of free themes & plugins to give extra looks & features.

The Visitors

I must admit that I steal all your cookies. Sorry about that, but I can’t help myself, & you did give your consent when you clicked that box (that you didn’t read) that popped up when you first visited the site. We don’t do anything sinister with them, but with them we can see how you got to our site & what pages you’re interested in.

In the last year the site has had over 3300 visits, with people viewing over 7300 pages. Almost 2500 of those visits came via Facebook groups: the main group Community Spirit CIC, Community Spirit Crafts, Community Spirit Chronic Pain and Invisible Illnesses Peer Support Group, & the local groups that our articles are shared in.

We’ve had visitors from around the world…

*Actual figures are slightly higher, but we’ll not go into that.

Saturday at 9pm is the sites busiest time & our most popular posts have been our Gnome workshop & our first newsletter with almost 170 views each. However, our glass painting workshop has proved to be very popular with India for some reason & that intrigues me.

So, there we are. I’ve learned a lot along the way. The website started with me trying to help my partner (Tracey) as I could see she was passionate about helping people & could see the potential in Community Spirit CIC. The website is only as good as its content though, & that content is for its users. So, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of our users, as they help keep us all out of trouble. We’d like to say a huge thank you to our volunteers, they put the community into Community Spirit CIC. A massive thanks goes to our donors, who’ve made this all possible & helped us help so many people. I’d also personally like to say thank you to Vicky, Gillian, & Tracey, if I can think of something nice to say about them I’ll come back and edit this article later. ?

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