Support Groups

Facebook Group

Along with our weekly meetups we also have a Facebook group for members who might struggle to make the journey.  You can join up here.

Chronic Pain and Invisible Illness Support Group

A weekly group aimed at supporting people with illnesses to make friends, swap coping strategies and to have a chance to be a person not defined or restricted by their illness. The group is open to family and friends and carers who can find a greater level of understanding from speaking to others in the same situation.

Every Thursday 12.30-2.30pm

Depression and Anxiety Peer Support Group

Open to anyone suffering depression or anxiety or anyone affected by it. We offer a peer-led non-judgemental support group, where you are invited to come along for a chat, a cup of tea and help support each other. You can make new friends and offer coping strategies or participate in relaxation techniques. In a mutual and caring environment. Led by service users and carers.

Please feel free to call us before coming along for any reassurance and please feel free to bring a friend, carer, or family member with you for support.

We look forward to meeting you soon.